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Moocall Calving Sensor – It Was Lost. Now It Is Found

You’ve heard us talk about Moocall Calving Sensors, we’ve blogged about them… we’ve even got a YouTube video about them.  We LOVE Moocall – plain and simple.  And the technology keeps getting better and better.

Last fall, we had a Moocall Calving Sensor on one of our cows.  We use them to let us know when a cow is about to calf.  The alternative is to check on the cow every couple/few hours… day and night, when one thinks she’s close to dropping her calf.  Since having and using the Moocall Calving Sensor, I (Carol) don’t lose sleep checking on close-up mommas.

Anyway, back to last fall.  Last fall, when Rich wasn’t around, either I or Madison put the Moocall on the cow.  Usually, Rich does it.  Well, we must not have got it on the tail tight enough.  After a few hours, the calving Sensor came off of the cows tail.  I knew it fell off and when.  The sensor knows when it comes off the tail – the mobile app tells me if/when it happens.  Since we were still grazing the cows at that time, we knew which paddock the sensor was suppose to be in… we just couldn’t find it.  The grass was tall and sensor we had an older Moocall unit, we didn’t have one with a working GPS unit.  We had searched that paddock many, many times over several days.  We searched on foot, with help, with the dogs and several times on ATV.  We could never find it.

This brings us into February.  After 6-7 months of setting out in the pasture, we knew the battery had to be getting low… if it wasn’t dead.  After several days of above freezing temps and seeing the snow recede, curiosity pushed me into checking out the Moocall app on my phone.  Would there still be life in the battery?  We’ll find out.

With a few clicks, the app showed me that there was indeed a 23% charge remaining.  It also showed a GPS map icon in the corner – OK, that’s new.  Apparently, the Moocall firmware had updated or Moocall updated the app.  Whatever had happened, excitement and wonderment flooded my person when a map popped up, pin-pointing the lost Moocall unit.  It showed that it was close to the road.

I borrowed Madison’s car and drove to the most southerly part of the property, next to the highway.  The snow was too deep to trudge through.  The better route would be to from the farm-site, down the lane and approach the location from the paddock.  I thought I’d let Rich do that.  I texted him that I thought I found the lost Moocall.

moocall GPSWhen Rich got home, he headed out with his phone and a shovel.

From the house, he could be seen walking back and forth and then pushing snow with his feet.  After approx 5 minutes, he texted me these photos.

The GPS had the location to the exact point.  WOW!  We were more than impressed.

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