We are currently selling raw whole milk, farm-fresh cream & limited amounts of skim milk.

We also sell grass-fed/grass-finished organic beef and no-soy pork.

Contact Carol (text) 320.220.3235 – she’ll call you back.

Common Questions

Q: How long does raw milk keep?

A: 10-14 days on average.  The fewer times you open your container of milk, the longer it seems to last.

Q: Can you freeze raw milk?

A:  Yes you can.  If you use frozen milk for baking or cooking, it’s all good.  The fats in frozen milk has a tendency to clump.  When thawed, it does not have the consistency of fresh milk. 

There is a method of freezing milk, that, when thawed, gives you a much smoother end product.  By adding baking soda (approx. ½ tsp/gal), mixed until dissolved, keeps the fats from clinging to each other, when going through the freezing process.